Selling Doesn't Have to Suck

"Let's be cute and practice sales together" - said no one ever.  And I get it. Selling sucks!  We're always bamboozled with scammy, slimy and gross salesmen.  1. The call-you-till-you-answer telemarketer. 2. The pretending-to-sell-cookies-but-really-I-want-you-to-join-my-bible-club door-to-door sales man. 3. The Dm-You-Like-I-Know-You-With-a-Financial-Freedom-Offer Instagram Chick It's no wonder selling has a bad rep. We are surrounded by people using tactics that make your skin craw. And that's exactly why you are here. You want to make sales, consistently with out sounding like a money hungry monster so you can build an epic empire all while changing your life  and the lives of all your clients.  Am I Right?  So it's time you learn a little bit about why people buy [I promise it's not because you're chasing them down the mall yelling, "this will fix your hair!"]

The secret sauce for a juicy sales strategy is in the questions you ask. You see... people make buying decisions based off two things: Emotional and logical sense.  If they love you and loooveee what you have to offer... but it doesn't make sense logically - they won't buy it.  The same goes the other way around. It can make the most sense, but if they don't have an emotional attachment to the idea, you can say buh-bye.  So that's why it's important you ask questions that dig deeper.  I call them "Shovel Questions." First you ask your main question. Something like, "What's your struggle?" Then, you dig in with, "why is that?" and "what have you done to work on it?" and maybe even, "has that helped you?"  I could go on forever, but I'll spare you.  All you need to know is that a good shovel question is asking the why's, the how's, and the what-have-you-done questions that reveal feelings, failed strategies, frustration and doubts. And these are the ropes that tie down your prospects emotional sense. Ca-ching! Stick this strategy in your sales tool box. You won't regret it. 

I'll be back to tell you more on closing the deal with logical sense. In the meantime, if you want a cheeky free Coronavirus Sales Survivial Guide - I created one just for you! Check it out here. Ta ta for now, Christina

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