Ground 0



Right now, you're working for someone else's dream.


You could have a successful online business, but self-doubt and a lack of knowledge are holding you back. 


Not anymore. 


I'm here to help you build a successful social media run business so that you can generate the passive income you so desire.




Look, I get it...





You want the same freedom you see influencers with. They're always posting about their daily Starbucks trips, have more than enough time to work out, eat all the good food, and travel, what seems like, 100 times a year. 


They're always wearing something new, brands are always sending them free stuff, and for what? To post it on their gram and, hopefully, get you to buy from them with their 'discount' link. 


It just seems so unfair. You work hard for your money - long hours and a paycheck so small it's not even worth it, while these influencers have it all handed right to them.


And you know you have it in you to have an online business. You could be self-employed doing the things you love every day... it just seems so far out of reach. Where do you even begin?

The sign you've been looking for is right here.


I used to feel exactly like that






 I wanted to be free and have an online business. I wanted the followers, the luxury cars, the daily Starbucks trips. I wanted it so bad I could taste it.  


So I made the only decision you have to make. 


I decided to go for it. 


I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it was all sunshine and rainbows and I saw massive success right off the bat because I didn't. 


Heck, I still don't have a massive following, but I've learned that's perfectly fine because it's not the followers who buy from youThe truth is you need 10% of your followers to be interested, and that's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. 


So, back to the point. I made the decision to build an online fitness business, and boy did I love it. 


But something else had been calling to me. I've always had a passion for the business side of things: marketing, the inner workings of Facebook ads, the psychology of selling, using intuition in biz, and the design of it all. 


After building a succesful online business, I wanted to show others how to do the same - but with a twist.


A lot of business coaches and programs talk about the systems you need in order to be succesful, but they leave out two other important aspects: the design and your intuition. 


At the end of the day, if you don't feel aligned with what your business coach is telling you to do, you shouldn't do it. It will only cause you to fail. And this is where intuition comes into play.



Want to build your first business?



Want to have your first sold-out offer?



I designed this just for you.



As soon as I stopped doubting myself and following societies way of life, worked on my worthiness, and created my own realistic business plan I was able to:


  • Found confidence in myself that I have never had before. I love creating launches and talking about my business. I get to wake up day after day knowing I make a positive impact in peoples lives - and now I get to help others do what I've done.



  • Spend time my way - travel, shopping, beach day, study when I want - whatever I feel like (but let's be honnest, I obviously work on my business too or else I wouldn't see success)



  • I buy a Starbucks every day- cause I can. I know this is a luxury, but it's one I made for myself. Granted, I get a regular iced coffee cause I care about my health. #nosugarplease


  • Was recognized for my success by Lauren Tickner & asked to be a mentor on her team for the Incubator. 




This 12-week program will walk you step-by-step through creating a succesful personal brand and work your way towards that financial success + freedom of time you so deserve.


If you're feeling at all called to this, I encourage you to join. What do you have to lose?

The best part? Being in the founder's edition of Ground 0, you get 1:1 coaching as well as over $700 in savings. 





Do you you have what it takes?







Let's find out if this is a good fit! 

Apply below to level up your business and create your first sold-out offer. 


5K months? Yes, please. 





But to be in the founder's edition I must tell you:


  1. This is only open to 10 people 

  2. You need to be ready to create a 5K/month business

  3. You must want to go from employee to self-employed so that you can create financial independence and abundance that you desire. 


Is this you?











Week 1





- The exact workbook I use to get clear of my sold-out offers.


- Integrating business goals with life and health for a wholesome and happy YOU, because the reality is if we neglect other areas of our life, our business will suffer too. 


- Journal prompts to cultivate your best business ideas.



Week 2




- My exact workbook I use to effectively manage my time and stay on track with my biggest goals. 


- Money mindset - how to get rid of limiting beliefs surrounding money

- Journaling prompts to break out of your head and create impressive launches, products & services


- Our first 1:1 call to discuss your personalized action plan moving forward


Week 3






- This week is all about getting clear on who your client is and what problems they need solving. After all, if you're selling an amazing product to someone who doesn't need it, it'll be a flop.


- Start building & creating your first sold out offer.


- A blueprint guide to clearly & easily design a program your ideal client can't wait to invest in. 



Week 4




- The strategies & tools you need to create offers your ideal clients will love and buy.


- Convey the exact value of your offer, so your potential client knows why they need it now.


- Downloadable workbook to brainstorm and craft your to-die-for offer.


- Learn what will make your offer stand out and sell out vs blend in and flop.  





Week 5




- Learn the inner workings of automation so you're never left confused when you create yours. 


- Build effortless systems that will work for you with my guidance & support. This is key to creating an automated business and will allow potential clients to enroll and money transactions to happen even while you sleep.


- Swipe templates to make your system setups as simplistic as possible. 




Week 6







- There's nothing worse than spending money on Facebook Ads that end up flopping with 0 conversions, am I right? Learn how to take FB ads to the next level with detailed targeting and copy that actually converts. 


- My exact strategy for creating high-converting landing pages and lead magnets that I use to build my list and gain potential clients. 


- Learn the strategies I used to grow my email list by 600% in just 2.5 weeks.




Week 7






- Learn how to use storytelling to create content that converts subscribers into paying clients.


- I know how frustrating email automation can be, which is why I've broken it down for you in an easy step-by-step guide. You'll have your first high-converting email automation set-up in no time. 


- Create deeper relationships with your ideal client and learn the psychology behind what makes a person buy a program [hint: it isn't because they need the program].






Week 8





- The in's and outs of social media. Know how to use and work with algorithms and grow your audience authentically with your ideal client. I mean, if you gain followers who would never buy your program, what would be the point?


- Learn how to create content that attracts your ideal client. 


- My exact strategy for creating weekly social media content without burn out. 


- Position yourself as the go-to expert within your niche.




Week 9






- Learn how I create a launch calendar that works and exactly what you should do before, during, and after a launch so you're always prepared.


- A workbook for you to create your own high-converting launch calendar.


- Journaling prompts to get your mindset in the right place during your launch.


- Learn how to create a sales page that speaks volumes to your ideal client.




Week 10





- High Converting Sales Pages are often beautiful and sleek, but I'm betting you don't have the time or want to invest in a graphic designer to build one for you? Fear no more:


- Learn the basics of graphic design using popular [and easy] apps like Canva and Adobe.


- Quickly create beautiful web pages with ease.


- Learn how to effortlessly edit photos in Lightroom CC and create outstanding videos in  Premiere Pro CC [as well as common apps you can download to your phone].


- And way more.








Week 11 & 12






- You've created your best selling offer, implemented my strategies for high converting content and have effective systems that work for you so you have more time on your hands. Now what?


- It's time to take things a step further and reach your first sold-out launch


- These two weeks are about fully embracing your new business and going all in with bonuses [psst- it's a surprise].


- Take your brand to the next level. Need help crafting your website,  perfecting your sales page or creating 6-figure content? These last two weeks are all about you and perfecting your business. Ask questions, ask for help, whatever YOU need to make your launch succesful.


You Might Ask;


Do I need to already have a business to join this program?

I designed this course to help those who are relatively new to online business, but what I teach can help any owner whose business has been around for one or even ten years. Knowledge is power, and I encourage you to continue to develop your expertise. As I say, there is always something new to learn.


Is this a 100% online program?

This program is divided into 2 parts - course and coaching. Both are 100% online, which means you can take this program no matter where you are in the world.


Where do group and 1:1 meeting's take place?

I host all sessions on a platform called Zoom. I also record group calls, so if you're unable to attend, you can catch up at a later time. 

 How long do I get access to the course information?

You get access for life! Any updates I do to the program, you also get access too. That means you'll have a database that's forever growing with the best business tips, tools, and resources. 

Should I join if I suck at technology?

100% YES! This is the course for you. I designed this to make technological aspects as easy as possible. Plus, you will have the opportunity to get assitance from me during group calls [or 1:1 call's] for any struggles or confusions you may come across. 







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