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Hey, you badass human being! This book is the first step to taking back your life and creating the best version of yourself in 2019. I'll help you dive deep within and carve out those goals you truly want to achieve in all the areas of your life. I'll show you the manageable steps you need to make them all happen, and I'll do so in a cute and sassy way.



"This Workbook is really making me think about myself and my goals differently. It's a fantastic piece of art you've made."

~ Sarah R.

This book has the power to harness your potential and make even your biggest dreams come true. But for it to work, you must be willing to take messy action. I'm talking diving head first into a sea of your worst fears and facing them head-on. Doing things you have never done before. Getting down and dirty chasing dreams you never thought possible. I'm talking about creating change in your life that may bring up feelings you don't like or cause you to lose friendships all in the name of growth. But becoming the best version of you is all about getting outside of the box and growing.


Take a Peak at What's Inside


"This workbook is absolutely incredible. I love the premises of kissing 2018 goodbye no matter the year I've had. I also like the books you've mentioned. It gives me an incentive to start reading. I believe this book will help change many lives."


~ Aaron O.



The secret to crushing all your goals is consistency. Push on even when you're tired. Get back on track when you are rudely shoved off (happens to the best of us). Do not deter, my friend, you are capable of so much.


Here's the truth:


Want to lose 20 pounds? You can do it.

Want to triple your income? You have that power within you.


Want to build a business of your own? Get it done. Yes, you can.


"Wow, there is so much value in this. It really covers everything, from family to health, to mindset. I love the little suggestions and books as an extra to dive into the subject even more. The layout is very neat and the colors work well. It gives me a calming effect. All the steps really make you think about what you want and how you will achieve this."


~ Evelyn P.




Are you ready?



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