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6 Figure-Closer ・ World Traveler ・ Laptop Lifestyle Expert

Heya, I'm Christina and the creator of Where Biz Meets Travel.

I've had multiple successful businesses over the last 5 years from online vegan fitness coaching to elegant brand designing to elite sales closer. 

When my mentor-turned-friend said to me, "your bold personality will make you a 7-figure sales closer," I thought she was insane. But I gave it a try and *surprise,* I scaled to a multiple 6-figure closer within 4 months and I'm on the path to securing 7-figures by April 2020.


And boy, am I happy she guided me down this path because now I get to live life wherever I wish. 

My mission: To give you the tools to be a digital nomad by becoming an elite sales strategist so you can use your, now, multiplied revenue on dreamy destinations. 

I'll show you the best destinations for work and play, while giving you the tools you need to bring in enough dough for all your adventures. 

Together, we'll discover the world while making a positive impact.  

You ready? 

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